Friday, 19 July 2013

The basics

Hi there!

My name is Selina, I'm 19 and live in Sheffield during the summer and Leeds during term time. Here are some simple facts about me.

1: I have a rabbit called Bella

2: I'm a third year student at Leeds Trinity University
3: I have 2 jobs: one at my family pub/restaurant and one at H&M
4: I have an obsession with clothes
5: My music taste varies from Taylor Swift to Avicii and Example
6: When I'm at home (in Sheffield), I live in a pub with my mum and her boyfriend
7: From being young, I've always bit my nails and although I've more or less stopped, I have tiny nails.
8: I love Malibu and Mango juice
9: I love cooking and baking
10: I'm a distance runner
11: I love shoes, especially trainers
12: I'm moving into an apartment in September with my boyf
13: My hair has been every colour apart from black and grey
14: I love photography
15: I have 2 cats called Daisy and Jasmine (although they live at home in Sheffield boo!)
16: My favourite colour is pink
17: I haven't been abroad since my 8th birthday
18: I want to be a social worker
19: I'm new to blogging
20: I have a lovely boyfriend who I've been with for almost two years and he means so much to me, he's perfect <3

Here's a photo of me a few weeks ago. We went to the races and I was £3 up on the day woo!


  1. Beautiful blog! I was in Sheffield last year and I really like the city :)))))))))

    1. Thank you so much! It's a lovely city :) xx