Monday, 22 July 2013

How to chalk your hair♥

So i'm still very excited about my boyfriend arriving in Sheffield soon! Whilst I wait for him, here is how to chalk your hair. 

Today I purchased some soft pastels for £4 from The Works. When I came home, I brushed my hair and split the hair into sections. I chose my favourite colour (pink) to start off with and began colouring my hair, rubbing the pastel up and down my hair until all of the hair was covered. I then brushed the section of hair and repeated this process with pink, purple and blue on the ends of my hair. Here is the final product. 

Necklace: Primark 

Don't be afraid to try this. The colours will only last a day or two however this technique is perfect for a party or a BBQ! 

Hope you all have a good week

Selina xox