Friday, 28 February 2014

That one item....

There's always that one item of clothing that you fall in love with in a very unexpected place. Well this place was Asda. I've purchased the odd accessory from there but never looked at the clothes. 

So as I was going food shopping the other day, walked straight through the door and in Asda George's A-Area was the perfect summer floral shirt. It's lightweight and floaty and oversized so no clinging! At a meesly £12 I couldn't leave the shirt behind so I bought it. 

The next day when I was wearing it for work, I had a problem.... I didn't know what to wear with it! My only pair of denim shorts didn't look right, black leggings make the outfit too dark and my other trousers are generally patterned and coloured in a way that don't fit with the shirt. So I wore my new £7.99 jeans from H&M (bare in mind I hate jeans). 

I only picked these jeans up last week because they were a decent shade of blue and with my work discount only cost me £5.99 so thought I could do with a pair. I have quite short legs, or they are making trousers much more longer than usual. Length wise I used to fit in all my trousers and leggings but now I'm having to roll everything up. Some items it suits like jeans but others it doesn't. Anyone else have this problem? 


So this is how I wore the shirt. I teamed it with a daisy necklace (new look), H&M basic jeans, pink fluffy cardigan (H&M( and brown loafers (Primark). 

Link me to your outfit posts from this week below! 


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