Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wednesday wishlist: Missguided

After seeing a few posts on Instagram from bloggers wearing missguided items, I usually end up looking on the missguided website for them and buying them! It's a really bad habit I know but least promoting items does work! So here I have created a wish list of all the products I want/will probably end up purchasing within the next few months. 

Bralets are a key fashion item this summer. They are very versatile and can be worn for festivals, holidays, nights out and days out! They can also be worn with EVERYTHING! I like to team brawlers with high waisted shorts but they can be worn with skirts for a night out, joggers for a sports luxe outfit or bikini bottoms for a more relaxed look at the beach. Here are my two favs... I love the designs and black and white goes with everything! 

White lace:
Black strappy:

The main trend of summer 2014 has been coords. If you follow fashion, you probably have quite a few. They come in all different designs and styles, from spaghetti strap tops to t-shirt tops with shorts or skirts. Here are my two favs from missguided. 

The thing I love most about these are the colours. I am obsessed with Pom poms right now so the left one is perfect! I also have a love of bright bold colours. These can be worn down for a casual look teamed with a denim jacket and sandals or worn with heels and a blazer for a more evening look. 

Pom Pom:

Finally, autumn is coming so I am on the hunt for a perfect autumn coat. I like to have one jacket with a hood and one colourful. I am desperate for these coats! 

These are really versatile and again, can be worn during the day or for night. I love the minty blue shade, which I'd wear more in September/October time and I'd wear the caramel shade for the winter days or for going out in the evenings. If I could have one item, it'd have to be one of these coats. LOVE! They are also very true to size (a friend told me) and a really comfy. They also last rather than disintegrate over time, which is excellent! Thumbs up for these beauties. 


What items are on everyone else's missguided wish lists? 

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Much love 

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