Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas wishlist!

Christmas wishlist!

Here is my ultimate Christmas wishlist! Although the rave over cut out boots may have died down a bit, i'm still totally in love with them! With the snow due soon, these boots can be worn with thick thermal socks to keep your feet warm! I buy all of my purses from River Island since i've been quite young. I love the quality and they seem to last for ages! I've never had a purse from RI that has broke in any way. The grey fur jacket is simply beautiful. I've wanted this for a while now and it's only £29.99 (or £22.50 with my staff discount!). I wanted to purchase this in the run up to Christmas but all my wages have been buying presents for people! A birdy told me that my mum is buying me this coat for Christmas yay! 

The tartan print trousers with the cream blouse get along like two peas in a pod. Tartan is totally in right now, it's winter's best print! This season I will definitely be investing in some of these lovely trousers. I am in desperate need of  new watch and some perfume. My only watch I have is a rabbit watch, which is cute but I struggle to tell the time with it. Finally, the statement necklace from my favourite shop, H&M! I swear I could live in that shop. Statement necklaces can do all sorts of amazing things to an outfit. I am actually considering my Christmas party outfit right now and one outfit that I love is Missguided's faux leather cami dress in white with a bold necklace and chunky heels (this may happen). 

My next post will be looking at hot Christmas party outfits!


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