Monday, 25 November 2013

My best friend ♥

At the weekend I stayed over at my friend Alex's house in Leeds :) We had a girly weekend of shopping, singing and eating yummy food, it was lovely! Because we're both bloggers we decided to do a post based on the other person so here goes;; 

-When and how did you meet? 
We met on Yougo which is a social networking site where you can interact with other uni students studying at your uni and doing the same course, it's a brilliant site for people starting uni I highly recommend it :) We first met on there as we are doing the same course and then when we moved to uni we were in the same halls on the same corridor. 

-Nicknames?She's had so many over the past few years that I can't actually remember, my bad!

-Relationship status?
Married to me, obviously

-Describe each other in one three wordsBeautiful, random, fun

-Favourite memory? We have so many it's hard to choose but when she got so drunk she was going round halls knocking on people's doors and having shots for every one who opened their door, or her hilarious dancing at the lounge Christmas party :)

-Who’s most likely to be drunk? I'd say me, because when I get drunk I get stupidly drunk but Alex gets drunk more often than me so it levels out

-Favourite thing to do together?Shop and bitch, we like bitching about people and singing stupid songs like gangnam style and las ketchup.

-A situation where you hated or got mad at each other?  The whole twitter thing a few years ago involving our ex boyf's

-Confess two things about yourself that she doesn’t know? Alex knows everything about me! She doesn't know that i'm getting a car soon (nobody knows) and that I can't ride a bike, or swim (she might know that). 

-Name a song which describes your friend? I don't know why but Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus reminds me of Alex, and 22 by Taylor Swift and Gentle by PSY. 

-Most attractive body part of your friend?She has nice tanned toned legs, very jealous!

-What do you like most about each other’s personality? Her randomness definitely, and the fact she can make anyone laugh no matter what mood their in

-If granted a wish, what would you want to do together? Go to Disney World obviously

-Name your best friends crush The guy on her wallpaper on her phone ;)

-What is something that annoys you about the other person? Like Alex said, she lives too far away! oh and once in a while she'll start talking about how she needs to diet, she's has a beautiful body already and it doesn't need changing in any way!

-Describe their ideal husband?A good cook, funny, sweet, tall, handsome

-Any weird or secret talents?She can lick her elbow and twist her hand around- euw!

-Biggest Fear? hmmm spiders? and dolls 

-Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr? Twitter

-When apart, what do you do when you miss her/him? I talk to her :) 

-A picture of the two of you!

This picture is the best picture ever, Alex showing off her swans on Halloween :) I love her so much! Everyone should go check out her blog :)



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