Monday, 2 December 2013


This morning I was half asleep getting dressed so put together this girly outfit with a hint of punk (the spikey necklace, Primark) with scruffy style worker boots, also from Primark quite a few years ago. I just thought about mixing it up today, and thought my long dark green thermal socks go perfect with this outfit. The denim skater dress is from H&M and blazer from Primark also. These knitted tights from H&M are a life saver. I love wearing dresses but in this freezing cold weather up north it's very difficult! With these tights, I don't have to worry about the temperature outside. 

          Here's today's outfit in full. 

  Straight (ish) hair with spikey necklace

  Scruffy looking worker boots- Primark 

Today's nails- It's No7 but doesn't have a name, boo! It's a dark blue sparkley glittery polish (I love glitter) 

Hope everyone has a good day 

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