Monday, 20 January 2014

Cheat night, date night..

Since the start of 2014, I've started back running and doing workouts every day. My diet is well under way and I've lost almost half a stone already-yay!! Saturday night I went to a local pub restaurant (a Fayre and Square restaurant) with my boyfriend for a meal. I don't rate the food at all or the service with one exception... the cookie dough pizza. It was warm and gooey and melted in your mouth mmm.
I'm quite a messy eater so I wore my Missguided PVC skater skirt in Pink, which I'm still obsessed with! I teamed this with black tights as it was freezing that night and a stripey box top from Primark. Stripes are gradually coming into fashion and will be big this spring! I also dyed my hair back to blonde but it's a blondey ginger AGAIN, still makes a change though but trying to get my hair more ash than ginger. Any tips for this?



My next post will be a Missguided haul, I have recently bought a few things from there.. Currently my favourite place to shop! 


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