Friday, 10 January 2014


So I say this every time but I haven't blogged recently because I've been so busy with work and uni work and seeing the friends and family and boyfriend! I got a LOT of clothes for christmas, almost a new wardrobe I'm so lucky! I have that many clothes that I've had to buy a clothes rail as my clothes don't fit in my 2 wardrobes anymore, yes 2!! 

Last night I went to Toby carvery for a meal because I had a voucher and this is what I wore....
H&M blouse, Ark grey acid wash jeans and Suede black cut out boots with primark pink frilly socks! I'm a sucker for cut out boots, I love them so much!!! These were only £27 off eBay so were a bargain compared to the ones Ark are selling at £45 (exactly the same boots) so I advice everyone to check eBay before buying shoes online! I'm also one of the PVC girls, I love it so so much! With christmas money I purchased a pink PVC skater skirt from Missguided, it's so so beautiful it's my baby! 

This may sound weird but when I'm styling and putting outfits together I like to make up themes. The above outside was laid back grunge with the classy blouse and punky boots and jeans. The theme I had with my PVC skirt was 'on Fridays we wear pink'. 

I wish I'd have worn my cut outs with this outfit rather than buckle boots but oh well! The odd fashion mistake is allowed! Here I wore a pink fluffy jumper from H&M with my missguided PVC skirt and black buckle boots (asda) and finished off with my super colourful gem necklace from H&M also! 

So I do have a very stressful term of uni coming up, last term before I graduate! But I will try my best to keep people updated! 

Hope everyone had a good Xmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! ❤️


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