Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The I love and Aussie review

After a long run/workout all I want is a hot date with my bath and lovely smelling bubble bath. So after my run today I got in the bath with my bath creme by I love and it was amazing. I love Mango so it was obvious I had to purchase that flavour. There's nothing better than a nice soothing bath after a workout and this marked the spot. It smells glorious and leaves you feeling glamorous and fresh all day. The smell of the creme lasts on your skin unlike some products that smell nice to begin with then the smell wears off. I highly recommend this product. It leaves your skin feeling very soft and smooth. If Mango and Papaya isn't your kind of flavour they do other flavours including raspberry & blackberry and strawberries & cream. It is top of my shopping list every time I go shopping! It is currently on offer at £1.48 in superdrug so I suggest everyone should stock up, I know I will be doing! So step aside lush, these bad boys are in town.


So I am mixing it up a bit and doing a 2 in 1 review as both of these products leave me feeling sensational. My next product is Aussie's 3 minute miracle reconstructor conditioner. It aims to transform dry, damaged hair into luscious locks. 

My hair is constantly being dyed shades of blonde/ginger and styled almost every day so I'm always on the lookout for a conditioner that will nourish my hair. After using this only twice, my hair is transformed into smooth moisturised locks. This is the perfect product for a once a week hair treat (only use once a week otherwise your hair could get addicted to the product). This conditioner seems as if it will last ages because you only need a splodge to work the magic.  At a measly £3, this product isn't going to break the bank and superdrug/boots always have offers on Aussie hair products. 


This is my hair after using the Aussie product after 2 weeks and my hair is so soft! 

I highly recommend both of these products are purchased next time you head to superdrug! 10/10 for both. 

Much love

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