Saturday, 27 July 2013

busy busy busy!

This week has been so busy, I haven't had time to blog *boo*. 
My boyfriend has been in Sheffield to visit me for a few days and I've started my job at H&M which I absolutely loveeeeee! and it's been my mum's birthday. 

So what have I been doing? Me and the boyfriend went to the cinema twice in two days to watch two kids films *we're big kids*.. Despicable me 2 and Monsters University which were both so so funny!! I recommend everyone see's these films are you will be laughing and suitable for any age. 

I have started my job at H&M this week and all I can say is I love it. I work in the kids section which is generally one of the quieter sections but it's fun although a challenge learning how the company works. 

I haven't really taken any photos this week but here are the few that I did take. 

I have this hairstyle for work once in a while when I work in my mum's pub. It's basically how it looks, a bun with a plait either side going into the bun. It's a simple hairstyle that took a few minutes to create. 

First day at H&M! 

Cinema with the boyfriend:)

Mum's birthday outing then work in the evening. 
(Sorry for the awful camera quality)

So although I am working this weekend, I plan on reviewing some new products (obviously from H&M) that I purchased this week. 


Selina xox

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