Saturday, 3 August 2013

H&M bargains!

So after starting my job at H&M, I now get 25% discount which has been too tempting! 
I'm always on the lookout for great make-up and smelly things so here are my H&M bargain finds from this week. 

The body splash is absolutely beautiful. The smell is gorgeous and lasts a long time. I tend not to buy body sprays such as Impulse because with using them several times a day, they run out too quickly however a few sprays of this and your sorted for a while. The smell is sweet but reminds me of flowers and a candle shop. For £3.99, this spray is a handbag must have!

I found this bracelet in H&M sale for £2! As soon as I saw it, I fell in love and purchased it, using my discount again *oops*. I find it's very difficult to put on yourself, I need someone to put it on and take it off as the latch is very tight however when it's on, it looks lush!! It'll brighten up any outfit and would definitely recommend if your going on holiday late this summer. 

The smoky eyes eye-shadow is so smooth when you apply it. I LOVE the colours, especially the golden brown. This palette is perfect for creating the smoky eyes look and for £3.99, this is another one of my bargains. The only down side to this is how you don't get an applicator however I have a trusty eye-shadow brush of my own. I wore this eye-shadow on Wednesday when it was really hot and it lasted all day. The shadow stayed in place and stayed really vibrant in colour. 10/10!

Lots of love

Selina xox

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  1. I literally picked this eyeshadow up the other day but didnt buy it for some reason,however this post has made me want it haha

    Love your blog

    Georgina laura