Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hey everyone! 

So I've only just discovered how to blog from my iPad, and I've been really busy these pasts few weeks with my birthday, sorting out things for my new apartment and dying my hair pink! I'm currently sat on my boyfriend's bed in the lovely Scarborough *I love the seaside*. I haven't been taking many pictures this week however I'm off to the Lake District on Monday for a few days so will have my slr ready :)

Here's what's been happening.. 

So this has been my past week, I need to start blogging more, and stop getting so bored of my hair! This pink was influenced by the lovely Lily Melrose, who is really lovely and her videos on YouTube are amazing, oh and she has an amazing wardrobe! The pink went a lot brighter than I had planned but it'll fade quickly due to me being blonde.

The second picture are some little snippets of my new uni room *currently under modification*. I love my apartment so much (with my boyfriend in Leeds). We're not moving in until 23rd Sept which is good because I always get sad when it's time to leave home :( even though I'm back most weekends for work! I'm such a mummy's girl :) time to do some online shopping! 

Much love
Selina xox 

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