Wednesday, 13 November 2013

These past two months..

So these past 2 months have been stupidly stressful. I've split up with my boyfriend, lost one of my jobs, moved house, my mum and stepdad split up then got back together and are now engaged so that's why I've been so quiet and I've missed blogging so much, even if I'm still a beginner! So now I'm back, here's my latest fav outfit.

Me and Primark have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes they sell some really nice things and other times it's all tacky or terrible quality. My favourite winter item right now is my blue jumper. It's such a vibrant colour and anyone that knows me will know I love colours. I love these leggings because their different. Tartan print is all over the shops right now so at £6 (another primark steal), these were necessary. My gold chain is from Internationale and buckle boots from Asda. 


I am actually in love with oversized chunky jumpers and scarves. I feel so cosy and warm when I'm dressed like this. Also considering a change of hair colour, brunette perhaps? Let me know what you think. I'm back for good now :) 


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