Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The beginning of my birthday celebrations..❤

So yesterday I started my birthday celebrations with my best friend, Giselle. We went to our favourite cupcake place (in Sheffield), called Fancie. If you have't heard of these then I suggest you do some research on them or if you live in Sheffield, go get a cupcake! They have so many lovely flavours and different specials on each today. When we went yesterday, I had a scrummy Batternberg cupcake. These cupcakes are the best in Sheffield, perhaps even in Yorkshire *their pretty good*. It was literally the best cupcake EVER. Giselle rang up the cupcake place last week and asked if I could have a candle in my cupcake... she's literally the cutest friend ever!! 

For any of you who know Sheffield, this particular Fancie cafe where we go is on Sharrowdale road, behind Ecclesal road. On each table they have games for people to play whilst eating cake! *told you it's cute* On our table was connect four, which obviously neither of us won oops. 

So whilst it's still pretty chilly outside, i'm dressing like i'm in Ibiza and this is what I wore yesterday. 

I am still obsessed with my kimono from good old Primark and also the necklace, it's so big and I'm in love with statement jewellery right now! My skirt is a lime green colour although it looks yellow in the top picture as the lighting was orange not natural. Ps: my stomach looks massive in this photo *boo*. 

Anyway, i'm rambling now. 

Hope you all have a lovely week

Selina xox

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