Friday, 15 November 2013

It's Friday Friday, got to get down on Friday!

Today my day consists of trains, uni and work and with this chilly weather, I brought out my knitted jumper and tights! I'm currently on my way to uni so blogging from the lands of trains, so boring! 

So I'm slightly obsessed with my tartan scarf. I actually purchased it in the Lake District so is completely authentic, no Primark cheap quality! I also love this jumper from H&M (£19.99). I often find that jumpers can be too thick to wear underneath coats, if their really warm or extremely thick so you can't move your arms but this one is thick(ish) with holes in it so it's perfect. My knitted tights are from H&M too (£9.99). Since starting work there I swear I get all my wardrobe from there. Even my denim look tube skirt is from there (£3.99). 

Even though I had to be up very early this morning I still paid much attention to my make up. Some days I can't be bothered but I bought Little Mix's Perry's silver eyeshadow dust yesterday and I wanted to try it! Plus I have work straight after uni so wanted to not look like a zombie. 

So here I used Collection 2000: Little Mix Perry's silver eyeshadow dust. It's really easy to apply and doesn't go everywhere like most eyeshadow dust does! Usually I use a brush to apply eyeshadow but I used my finger instead as I feel I have more control. To get the smokey eye look I also used MUA's black eyeshadow and blended with my finger. I use 3 mascara's, the Rimmel London Retro glam eyes, the orange Rimmel one (volume) and the purple Rimmel one. I don't actually know what their called exactly, oops! 

So I hope everyone has a good day! 


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